1 April 2001
PRR 4 reviews the performance of Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Europe during the calendar year 2000 and presents an initial comparison of ATM...
19 December 2000
This category is reserved for exchange of C³I messages between radarstations and/or track servers.
1 May 1999
PRR 3 presents an assessment of ATM performance in Europe during 1999 under the Key Performance Areas of Safety, Delays and Cost-effectiveness.
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4 December 1998
PRR 1 assesses Air Traffic Management performance in Europe during 1998 under three Key Performance Areas: Safety, Delays, Cost-effectiveness.
1 December 1998
PRR 2 is a special performance review report focussing on delays in the first three quarters of 1999.
1 April 1998
Three ASTERIX categories (0, 3, 9), together with their corresponding catalogues of data items were defined at an early stage to allow implementation...
1 November 1997
This document describes the message structure for the transmission of information related to the status and the services of radar station. The...