2 March 2005
TCAS II is a last resort safety net designed to prevent mid-air collisions. It alerts the flight crew and provides Resolution Advisory (RA) manoeuvre...
1 March 2005
The Co-ordination of Mode S Interrogator Codes in Europe - The purpose of this information notice is to highlight to both civil and military Mode S...
1 March 2005
This category is reserved for the exchange of information for the Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC-Centre (SASS-C) system.
14 January 2005
In July 2004 the regulatory authorities of the Mode S implementing States agreed to extend the transition arrangements for Elementary and Enhanced...
4 January 2005
Within the EUROCONTROL Directorate of ATM Systems (DAP), the role of the Safety Enhancement Business Division (SAF) is to lead the implementation of...
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4 October 2004
Recent experience, including the lessons from the Überlingen mid-air collision, confirms that ICAO standard ACAS operational procedures needed to be...
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20 August 2004
Four ASTERIX categories have been defined for the transmission of flightplan data, timestamp messages and user defined messages from the Maastricht...
3 May 2004
The drive for TCAS II development in the US was from mid-air collisions involving light aircraft between a B727 and a Cessna 172 at San Diego in 1978...
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