10 January 2006
The first five years of the 21st century were challenging for the aviation industry as a whole and for airlines in particular. However, hard work,...
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2 January 2006
Air-ground communications serve as the main media for co-ordinating intentions and delivering instructions and important information. More than that...
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1 January 2006
The procedures for the implementers to request UHF frequencies are available in the ICAO Frequency Management Manual. Source: Doc. EUR-011 Part IV -...
22 December 2005
2005 was an excellent year for EUROCONTROL and for Air Traffic Management in Europe. There has been a significant downward trend in the European...
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18 November 2005
Regional Cooperation in ATM EUROCONTROL is firmly behind regional cooperation initiatives in the field of air traffic management. It is sure that...
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18 November 2005
EUROCONTROL and European Airports Over the past five years, Europe’s air traffic management system has produced some excellent results, especially in...
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18 November 2005
ATM Training In this issue, the spotlight is turned onto a key sector of Air Traffic Management (ATM): training and knowledge transfer. Air traffic...
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18 October 2005
The purpose of this document is to provide a knowledge and understanding of military airspace requirements within Europe for the routine day to day...