12 January 2007
The important work that EUROCONTROL was well recognised over the course of 2006. The ATC Maastricht 2006 Award was given to the Performance Review...
PDF icon 2006-annual-report.pdf1.85 MB
12 January 2007
This report presents the results of an econometric analysis of the costs of Air Navigation Service Providers in Europe.
28 December 2006
This report documents the results of a PRU survey of each State in relation to legal and regulatory provisions likely to impede safety reporting. The...
9 December 2006
This report presents an independent evaluation of the impact of the SES initiative on ATM performance in the Member States and associated States of...
23 October 2006
Aeronautical Informaton Provision - from AIS to AIM The provision of aeronautical information has become a core process that underpins all the...
PDF icon sw42-autumn-2006.pdf1.92 MB
28 July 2006
Air transport is a key driver for economic growth. For air transport to continue to play its role in supporting Europe’s economy, the air traffic...
PDF icon 2006-Summer-Skyway41.pdf2.96 MB
12 July 2006
This is the fourth report based on mandatory information disclosure provided by 34 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) to the EUROCONTROL...
PDF icon ace-2004-benchmarking-report.pdf2.16 MB
3 June 2006
Is airspace penetration an ATC problem or not? General aviation aircraft entering controlled airspace without authorisation, near misses in class “E...
PDF icon HindSight 3 - June 20061.43 MB