3 September 2007
This issue of Trends aims to provide accessible and informative insights into how the air traffic industry works, with a particular focus on airports...
17 August 2007
Over the last few years, the overall performance of Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) system has improved considerably, thanks to the efforts...
PDF icon 2007-Summer-Skyway45.pdf1.88 MB
26 July 2007
This specification addresses aspects of military UAV ATM, dealing briefly with extant regulations that impact upon the UAV specifications and then...
17 July 2007
The aim of this issue is to entertain you on the subject of “weather, aviation and air traffic control”.
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12 July 2007
Some people say that by formulating the right questions you are already some way to answering them. In this issue of HindSight, we raise the question...
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25 June 2007
This is the fifth report based on mandatory information disclosure provided by 35 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) to the EUROCONTROL...
PDF icon ace-2005-benchmarking-report.pdf2.76 MB
14 June 2007
This EUROCONTROL specification defines the interoperability and performance requirements for implementations of the Flight Message Transfer Protocol...
4 June 2007
Do we really need ATC? Imagine what would happen if ATC were to disappear tomorrow! All aircraft would taxi and take off when and how they wanted,...
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