Surveillance Guidelines

23 November 2011

Seeing the increasing demand for the cross-border exchange of surveillance data, it is felt necessary to implement guidelines and procedures to ensure controlled access to the data in order not to overload the surveillance data distribution infrastructure, preserving at the same time the confidentiality of surveillance data and preventing any misuse or abuse of it.

The intention of this document is to give interested parties a basis to establish similar guidelines and procedures.

Applying the ECAC defined radar separation values of 5/10, 3 and 2.5 NM in, respectively, En-route High and Low/Medium ATC complexity areas, in TMAs and on Final Approach Track requires conditions to be met not only in the Domain of Radar Surveillance, but also in various technical and operational Domains.
These requirements are correlated with the CIP objectives permitting their fulfilment.

The following document contains the guidelines for the drafting of agreements for the shared use of radar data: