Standards Development Process factsheet

17 May 2018

All stakeholders can have a key role in influencing the development of EUROCONTROL Standards.The Standards Development process used by EUROCONTROL is applied successfully to develop EUROCONTROL Specifications and Guidelines.

Our process is based on global best practice and has at its core the need to consult and involve stakeholders in developments. In fact, the input of stakeholders is essential right from the start of the process when a need for a standard is identified and validated, up to end of the process to ensure that the standard is fit-for-purpose. Your input is particularly important in helping us understand the impacts and benefits on your organisation, no matter how large or small.

Your comments are never ignored. Each and every one of your inputs is reviewed and responses are provided and then made public.

So how can you have your say in the development of EUROCONTROL Standards?

  • The diagram overleaf gives a simple overview of the steps of the process and what they mean; it identifies where and how you can provide your input.
  • All consultations are visible on the EUROCONTROL website so that any member of the public can provide their input.

Standards Development Process factsheet


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