SESAR WP 15.04.01 Final Deliverables

28 June 2013

SESAR Deliverables on Surveillance rationalisation and the Evolution of the Surveillance Infrastructure

Summary of the SESAR WP15.04.01 Project

In recognition that the future surveillance infrastructure is to be leaner and more efficient in respect of a number of key performance indicators a key objective of the WP15.04.01 project was to detail a methodology that promotes a rationalisation and adaptation to the Surveillance Infrastructure.

A secondary objective of this project was to develop a roadmap to support a transition to the future Surveillance Infrastructure – as envisaged in the ATM Masterplan. The roadmap or strategy is to exploit the benefits that new and emerging surveillance techniques can bring whilst taking due cognisance of its context within the evolution of the wider Civil/Military ATM Infrastructure.

The final deliverables are made available here with the cooperation of the SJU.

Note: For further details on SESAR projects check the SESAR website.

Key Project Deliverable:

The final deliverable of the project is structured in two parts. The first part, SESAR 15.04.01 Document D10-001 Methodology to Support a Rationalisation of the Surveillance Infrastructure, describes a methodology for rationalising an Air Navigation Service Providers surveillance infrastructure to ensure that the requirements of an increasingly demanding environment can continue to be met. It is supported by SESAR 15.04.01 Document D10-002 Evolution of the Surveillance Infrastructure (and 2 standalone appendices contained in an XLS file) which consolidates the findings of the WP15.04.01 project regarding the current status of the European surveillance infrastructure, the surveillance techniques used and proposes a roadmap towards a 2030 infrastructure.