Post-operations performance adjustment process

29 April 2019

The Post Ops Performance Adjustment Process allows operational stakeholders to notify national and European authorities of issues that relate to ATFM delay measurement, classification and assignment. It is a means of enhancing operational ATFM delay data used in the performance scheme (Regulation (EU) 390) – and thus a means of compliance with Article 21(3). Implementing the adjustment process will provide a better understanding of network constraints and it should encourage more positive network behaviour and innovative procedures.

The main output of this process is a separate performance dataset which will include the approved changes. This dataset is available for performance scheme and local management reporting. The latest version of this dataset is accessible at the bottom of the page or by clicking on the download dataset above. All the definitions of the fields used in the dataset are available on the first tab of the spreadsheet. You can check your cases by filtering the files on the top of each column. If you spot any errors please contact us.

The adjustment process is restricted to changes to ATFM delay related data and includes the option to reassign delay to a third party. There are five process steps to manage changes. These are:

  • Issue identification - stakeholders identify valid delay issues and initiate contact with the NM via a nominated ATFM Performance Focal Point using a defined change template [1]. The NM decides if there is a valid issue, informs the requester and will maintain and update a change register;
  • Collaborative decision - NM and focal point decide collaboratively whether the controlled regulation delay data should be changed and record the decision in a change register [2].  If there is no consensus NM propose a decision.
  • Data update – the controlled regulation delay data (i.e. the performance dataset) used for the performance scheme is updated depending on the decision. NM informs focal point of the result of the adjustment process [3].
  • Escalation - ATFM Performance Focal Point may challenge NM decisions through the NSA or Network Management Board (NMB),
  • Year end close.

The National Supervisory Authorities reviewed the process and agreed to some changes.

Advice and guidance material on how to use the updated process, as well as a change request form, are contained in the 'Advice on Post Operations Performance Adjustment Process' document.


An archive for the older Network manager Post Ops Adjustment process documents is available in our OneSky teams repository. To access the archive please use the link below :


[1] NM will only accept formal change requests received by the end of the month following the occurrence of the delay issue.
[2] A decision on each case is expected by the end of the month following submission.
[3] NM will update the controlled regulation delay data, the change register and notify the stakeholders of completion by the end of the week following a decision

Post-operations adjustment process team

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