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24 June 2019

Latest (meeting) changes to 2019 calendar


  • 27 June: NMB/25 (Network Management Board) - EUROCONTROL Brussels, HQ

Latest (meeting) changes to 2020 calendar

  • 4 - 5 February: RNDSG/99 (Route Network Development Sub-Group) –Brussels HQ, EUROPA Conference room ASMSG/64 (Airspace Management Sub-Group) – CASTOR/EUROPA
  • 6 February: RNDSG-ASMSG/29 - Joint session – CASTOR/EUROPA 26-27 February: NETOPS/26 (Network Operations Team) - Brussels HQ, CASTOR Conference Room
  • 28-29 April: RNDSG/100 (Route Network Development Sub-Group) – EUROPA ASMSG/65 (Airspace Management Sub-Group) – CASTOR/EUROPA 30 April: RNDSG-ASMSG/30 – Joint session – CASTOR/EUROPA
  • 13-14 May: NETOPS/27 (Network Operations Team) - Brussels HQ, POLLUX Conference Room 22-23 September: RNDSG/101 (Route Network Development Sub-Group) – EUROPA ASMSG/66 (Airspace Management Sub-Group) – CASTOR /EUROPA 24 September: RNDSG-ASMSG/31 – Joint session – CASTOR /EUROPA
  • 14-15 October: NETOPS/28 (Network Operations Team) - Brussels HQ CASTOR Conference Room

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