Network Operations Report – September 2016

12 October 2016

Traffic in September 2016 increased by 3.5% compared to September 2015 and was close to the high forecast. This was the highest ever for the month of September, 09 September was the busiest day ever in the network (34,594 flights). Seven states contributed most to the European local traffici growth, with UK, Spain and Italy as the top contributors. Traffic levels in Turkey are declining at a slower rate compared to the previous months.

With the same level of traffic as July 2016, NM delay savings in September 2016 were the double compared to July 2016. Average daily flights with more than 30 minutes of delay decreased from 841 flights in July to 296 flights in September.

Total ATFM delays decreased by 5.6% in September 2016 compared to September 2015. En-route ATFM delays increased by 26.7%; airport ATFM delays decreased by 29.6%.

Highlights include:

  • En-route ATC capacity delays in Maastricht, Bordeaux and Brest ACCs, staffing issues in Warsaw and Karlsruhe ACCs;
  • Aerodrome capacity issues generated delays at both Istanbul airports and London/Gatwick;
  • Seasonal weather affected Maastricht, Marseille, Barcelona, Karlsruhe and London ACCs; Thunderstorms, heavy rain and/or low visibility impacted Palma de Mallorca and London/Heathrow airports and, to a lesser extent, Barcelona, Rome/Fiumicino and Istanbul/Sabiha Gökcen airports;
  • Industrial action in France on 14 and 15 September generated en-route ATFM delays in Marseille, Brest and Paris ACCs;
  • Technical failure in Karlsruhe ACC on 23 September (11,860 min of delays), Marseille ACC on 14 September (2,901 minutes of delay) and Brussels ACC on 15 September (4,207 min of delays);
  • System upgrade in Nicosia ACC on 16 September generated delays (1,657 minutes of delay).

The average en-route ATFM delay per flight in NM areaii in September 2016 was 0.76 min/flt, which was above the monthly guidelineiii value of 0.52 min/flt. The average YTD en-route ATFM delay per flight in 2016 in the NM area is 1.01 min/flt which is double the corresponding guideline value of 0.56 min/flt.

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