Network Operations Report - April 2016

12 May 2016

Traffic in April 2016 increased by 2.2% compared to April 2015 with strong growth between Europe and the United States.

Total ATFM delays decreased by 33.6% in April 2016 compared to April 2015 which was a month strongly impacted by the French ATC action. En-route ATFM  delays decreased by 43.9%; airport ATFM delays decreased by 13.2%.

Highlights include:

  • French industrial action on 27-29 April resulted in some 350 flight cancellations and high delays for Brest, Paris and Bordeaux ACCs.
  • Aerodrome capacity shortage at Istanbul/Sabiha Gökcen and Istanbul/Ataturk airports generated ATFM delays.
  • Capacity issues affected operations at Brest, Maastricht, Nicosia, Madrid and Paris ACCs;
  • Seasonal weather (fog, strong winds, thunderstorms) impacted operations particularly at London/Heathrow, Istanbul/Sabiha
  • Gökcen, Frankfurt Main, Zurich and Amsterdam/Schiphol airports;
  • Brussels and to a lesser extent Nicosia and London TMA ACCs recorded delays due to several ATC staffing issues during
  • the month.
  • ERATO ATM system implementation generated high ATFM delays in Brest ACC;
  • Maastricht ACC was impacted by military exercise FRISIAN FLAG.

The average en-route delay per flight in NM area[i] in April 2016 was 0.51 min/flt, which was above the monthly guideline value[ii] of 0.25 min/flt. The average YTD  en-route ATFM delay per flight in 2016 in the NM area is 0.63 min/flt, which is above the corresponding guideline value of 0.27 min/flt.

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