Network Manager Annual Report 2013

18 August 2014

NM’s priority is to create the operational partnerships needed to achieve the SES performance targets to the benefit of all States included in the pan European ‘network’3. To achieve its network performance objectives NM has fostered good cooperation with its stakeholders, appropriate governance, and a network focus aimed at continuous improvement of the network operations through proactive NM activity.

Since July 2013 NM has a new Director, Mr. Joe Sultana. Joe is not new to the NM; as NM Chief Operating Officer since the creation of the NM he had a major contribution to its success. In the second half of the year the NM Directorate was reorganised to be better equipped to deliver its objectives and be prepared for the new challenges.

2013 saw NM make significant progress towards its strategic and performance objectives and we are pleased to report another good set of results.

The capacity/delay target of en-route ATFM delay of 0.6 min/flight was achieved. Through its actions, NM contributed to a delay reduction in excess of 10% of the en-route delay recorded in 2013. The flight efficiency indicator due to airspace design was met and is on the right track to meet its RP1 target. There is room for improvement for the flight efficiency indicator due to flight planning, which was missed by 0.17 percentage points, although the December value of 4.43% was much closer to the target. NM has increased its actions in 2013 to tackle this area.

This report presents extensively on the implementation of the actions pertaining to the strategic objectives (SO) of the Network Strategy Plan (NSP). Visually this can be easily recognised by the SO sign above, indicating the strategic objective being addressed by the respective section of the report. (See Chapter IV for more information on the NSP and the SOs are shown on the inside back cover).

The European Union established the Network Manager (NM)1 under the Single European Sky (SES) II package. The aim was to address the difficulties of the past and respond to the request of users to have a seamless European airspace - better managed at network level. This 2013 report is the second annual report produced by NM2.