HindSight 27 - Summer 2018

7 September 2018

Welcome to Issue 27 of HindSight magazine on the topic of ‘competency and expertise’.

Our ability to work effectively depends on the competency and expertise of everyone involved in the operational, technical, support and management functions. Safety isn’t something that is just ‘there’ in the aviation system. People actively create safety. But how? And what do we need to do to help ensure that we can continue to do so? Competency and expertise is an important part of the answer. In this issue, we reach out to operational, safety, human factors and psychology specialists to answer those very questions.

"This issue of HindSight provides some fascinating insights into how we as an industry can make sure that our people have the competency and expertise to cope with the challenges we face and the changing nature of ATM," sais Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL, in his first ever Foreword for HindSight.



Fundamental issues

Non-technical skills


View from the Air

We then zoom out to regulatory and future issues. The regular feature on ‘Views from Elsewhere’ continues with articles from surgery and rail. These articles raise questions for us in aviation, and provide some practical ideas.

Regulatory issues

Future issues 

View from elsewhere

And in this issue we have articles drawing from the world of sport. 


We also have ‘What we do’ good practice snippets. 

What we do

Online supplement

Reading our magazine online comes with perks - this month we have for you an online supplement, including: 


For our next issue, which will feature articles on ‘Change’, we would like to hear from you! All readers have been affected by changes, in procedures, regulations, technology, people, incentives, organisation, etc. The pace of change will only increase. How do we change to adapt to the dynamic world of air traffic management? And how do we as individuals, teams, and organisations adapt to these changes? Let us know!

HindSight continues online over at SKYbrary with further articles in the online supplement, from aviation and other industries, on the theme of competency and expertise. 

HindSight is produced for air traffic controllers by the EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG). Issued twice a year, HindSight aims to help operational air traffic controllers to share in the experiences of other controllers who have been involved in ATM-related safety occurrences. Get your paper or online copy today!



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