Free Route Developments in Europe - Edition February 2012

27 February 2012

This document provides an overview of the Free Route Airspace developments taking place at European ATM network and local level.

It describes the European Network Free Route Airspace Concept of Operations and it provides a summary of the Free Route Airspace Projects planned for deployment in Europe.

By 2014, at least 16 ACCs of the 64 European ACCs will implement various steps of Free Route Operations. They represent more than 25% of the NM area. Savings from these project would account to approximately 25000 NMs per day. As a result of these free route projects, flying distances would be reduced by approximately 7.5 million NMs, this representing the equivalent of 45000 tons of fuel saved, or reduced emissions of 150000 tons, or 37 million Euros.

an overview of the Free Route Airspace developments