Flexible Use of Airspace AMC/CADF Operations Manual

30 November 2018

The FUA AMC/CADF OPERATIONS MANUAL has been provided with the necessary guidance to perform/prepare and release the consolidated European Airspace Use Plan (EAUP) and European Updated Airspace Use Plan(s) (EUUP(s).

Some of the procedures described in the ASM Handbook are NOT mandatory for all AMC's (e.g. UUP); in these cases, the  related procedures described in the FUA AMC/CADF OPERATIONS MANUAL are applicable only to those AMCs interested .

The Manual should be considered as an operational attachment of the Airspace Management Handbook, part 3 of the European Route Network Improvement Plan. In case of discrepancy, the ASM Handbook is the reference document and the FUA AMC/CADF OPERATIONS MANUAL should be aligned.

This document is usually updated once a year after approval of the ASMSG/RNDSG.

The current edition of this publication is 10 (dated 30 November 2018) and can be consulted here.