Feasibility study on the integration of third party risk near airports into IMPACT

1 June 2015

The aim of this report is to study the feasibility of integrating or interfacing with EUROCONTROL’s environmental impact assessment platform (IMPACT) with a third party risk modelling tool.

Third party risk in aviation is defined as the risk posed by aircraft accidents to the health and safety of persons on the ground. Third party risk generated by the air traffic system is at its highest in the proximity of airports.

Currently, the IMPACT platform contains noise and fuel/emissions assessment tools. Though third party risk is not yet viewed as central as noise and air quality issues, it is one of the key environmental impacts created by airports and air traffic. Third party risk is also bound to go up on the policy agenda, creating new requirements to operational stakeholders and constraining future airport developments. 

Learn more in the full report available for download below.

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