EUROCONTROL specifications for the use of military remotely piloted aircraft (UAS)

1 February 2012

These high-level, generic specifications have been drafted by the UAV-OAT TF.  They require that Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)  operations  should  not  increase  the  risk  to  other  airspace  users;  that  Air Traffic Management (ATM)  procedures  should mirror  those  applicable  to  manned  aircraft;  and  that  the  provision  of  air  traffic  services  to  RPAs should  be  transparent  to  Air Traffic Controllers.    Moreover,  they  are  not  constrained  by  limitations  in current RPA capability.

The specifications have been subjected to a safety assurance process and, subsequently,  to  endorsement  by  the  Military  Team, formal  consultation  via  the  EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making process, and acceptance by the Civil/Military Interface Committee.