EUROCONTROL Specifications for System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

1 December 2017

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) enables seamless information access and interchange between all providers and users of ATM information and services (Reference: European ATM Master Plan).

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014 of 27 June 2014 on the establishment of the Pilot Common Project (PCP IR) identified a set of ATM functionalities to be deployed, enabled by Initial System Wide Information Management (iSWIM).

EUROCONTROL has been identified by the European ATM Standardisation Coordination Group (EASCG) to provide the technical specifications for Foundational information service implementation standardisation area in support of iSWIM deployment.

The goal of iSWIM is to foster the interoperability between European ATM Stakeholders in a networked environment. The means to achieve this goal are information services and service orientation practice whereby information services are identified, designed, described, and implemented (provider and consumer side).

Information services themselves require the information conveyed and the technical infrastructure to be interoperable. Consequently, draft EUROCONTROL Specifications for SWIM have therefore been developed with the objective of providing foundational requirements applicable to the deployment of iSWIM in support of interoperability within the European ATM network. Satisfying the requirements of these draft Specifications can be considered as means of compliance for the enabling ATM functionality iSWIM as defined by Article 3 and related Annex sections of the PCP IR.

The EUROCONTROL Specifications for SWIM consistently addresses the description of information services, the definition of the exchanged information and the technical infrastructure on which the services are implemented.


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