EUROCONTROL Guidelines for harmonised AIP publication and data set provision

31 May 2018

This document includes practices developed and endorsed by the EUROCONTROL AIS stakeholders on solutions for selection of information to be contained in the AIP, the manner of presentation and use of harmonised terminology for which ICAO AIS provisions are not found sufficient, and for elements developed and applied in Europe and where ICAO publication guidance is not provided.

In addition, the document provides references to other documents where AIP publication guidelines exist, e.g. the EUROCONTROL Terrain and Obstacle Manual and the European Route Network Improvement Plan, and is thereby collating available EUROCONTROL aeronautical information publication guidance in one document.

This first edition was developed under the supervision of the EUROCONTROL AI Operations Sub-group under the AIM/SWIM Team’s sub-ordinate working arrangements.

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

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