The enhanced European AIS Database Service (eEAD) concept of operations (CONOPS)

4 June 2018

This document describes the concept of operations and the interactions between the service and the actors concerned by the implementation of the enhanced European AIS Database (eEAD) Service.

The document describes the overall eEAD operational concept, the system and service principles and provides description of its services.

This CONOPS 6.0 has been endorsed unanimously by the Members of the EAD Service Steering Group (SSG), at their 27th meeting, which tool place on 29-30 May at EUROCONTROL HQ in Brussels. It is used as a reference document for the future eEAD procurement process.

The CONOPS is available for download below. For any questions related to the document, contact the eEAD Project Manager. 

eEAD Project Manager

Contact us for any questions related to the eEAD CONOPS.

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