ATM surveillance tracker and server (ARTAS) Roadmap Strategy

16 April 2018

The aim of this document is to define:

  • the ARTAS Roadmap Strategy
  • the ARTAS Artefacts
  • the CAMOS Support
  • the classes of ARTAS Functionalities and the CAMOS Support associated with them

All new approved ARTAS policies and/or definitions will be described in this document once presented and approved by the ARTAS Users Group (AUG).

This document supersedes the ARTAS Version and Baseline Policy (ref. ARTAS-MGT-POL-01 V6.0).

© 2017 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). This document is published by EUROCONTROL for information purposes. It may be copied in whole or in part, provided that EUROCONTROL is mentioned as the source and to the extent justified by the non-commercial use (not for sale). The information in this document may not be modified without the prior written permission from EUROCONTROL.

ARTAS Service Manager

For further information on ARTAS and CAMOS and requests for access to related tools contact the service manager.