Annual Network Operations Report 2018

30 April 2019

The Annual Network Operations Report for 2018 and its three annexes are now finalised following a successful consultation period.

The main report gives a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network in 2018. Annex I contains the airspace users’ opinion on the network performance. Annex II provides the traffic and capacity evolution of each ACC. Annex III contains capacity, delay and punctuality of each of selected airports in 2018.

In the report

The Network Manager (NM) area saw 11 million flights in 2018, a 3.8% increase compared to 2017.

Traffic growth was particularly high in the south-east axis, with ACCs in Central and Eastern Europe having record traffic levels. The busiest day ever in the network was Friday 7 September with 37,088 flights. There were nineteen days with over 36.000 flights in 2018 (none in 2017).

Airline reported delays (all causes) reached 14.7 minutes per flight, an increase of 2.3 minutes compared to 2017. En-route ATFM delay was at 1.73 min per flight (0.88 min/flt in 2017). Airport ATFM delay was 0.60 minutes per flight, a 3% decrease compared to 2017.

The high levels of demand, a major drop in capacity at two centres in the core area (Karlsruhe UAC and Marseille ACC) and a record number of adverse weather events and industrial actions severely disrupted the network in 2018. ATC capacity, en-route weather and ATC staffing were the main causes of en-route ATFM delay. Weather and capacity accounted for 78% of the total airport ATFM delays in 2018.

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