Amendment of the EUROCONTROL Specifications for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI) and ATS Data Exchange Presentation (ADEXP)

2 August 2017

Flights which are being provided with an ATC service are transferred from one ATC unit to the next in a manner designed to ensure complete safety. In order to accomplish this objective, it is a standard procedure that the passage of each flight across the boundary of the areas of responsibility of the two units is co-ordinated between them beforehand and that the control of the flight is transferred when it is at, or adjacent to, the said boundary.

Where it is carried out by telephone, the passing of data on individual flights as part of the co-ordination process is a major support task at ATC units. The operational use of connections between Flight Data Processing Systems (FDPSs) for the purpose of replacing such verbal "estimates" is referred to as On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI).

This draft EUROCONTROL Specification for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI), Edition 4.3, has been prepared by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Directorate (NMD) in cooperation with the operational stakeholders within the OLDI specification review group of the NETOPS working arrangement.

This new Edition will be proposed to the European Commission as a Community specification to be used notably as a means of compliance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1032/2006 of 6 July 2006 laying down requirements for automatic systems for the exchange of flight data for the purpose of notification, co-ordination and transfer of flights between Air Traffic Control Units and the European Commission Regulation (EC) No 30/2009 of 16 January 2009 amending Regulation (EC) No 1032/2006 as far as the requirements for automatic systems for the exchange of flight data supporting data link services are concerned.

OLDI messages can be exchanged in ADEXP (ATS Data Exchange Presentation) format as defined in the EUROCONTROL ADEXP Specification, which is also recognised as a Community specification for the interoperability Regulation. As part of the review of the OLDI Specification, amendments to the ADEXP Specification were also identified. As a result, this consultation addresses the amendments to both Specifications.


These draft documents were submitted for formal consultation from 2 August 2017 until 20 October 2017 using the EUROCONTROL Standards Development Process mechanism.

Please note that it may not be possible to take into consideration responses that are received after that date.

After the closure of the Formal Consultation, responses have been compiled, reviewed and taken into account in the preparation of the revised draft specification documents.

The consultation package can be downloaded below.

For informational purposes, two computer generated documents have been added providing comparison of Draft OLDI Edition 4.3 with Released Edition 4.2., and Draft ADEXP Edition 3.2 with Released Edition 3.1. Both draft editions have been re-created using a recent document template. The comparison is provided as-is and may not reflect every single difference between the documents. It is recommended to view the OLDI file on a high performance computer.

Released issue of OLDI 4.3 and ADEXP 3.2 Specification are now available.