All-Causes Delay to Air Transport in Europe for October 2018

29 November 2018

The all-causes delay to air transport in Europe increased to 12.1 minutes per flight in October 2018, up from 11.3 minutes per flight during October 2017. This change was driven by an increase in airline (+0.3mins/flt), en-route ATFM (0.1mins/flt) and reactionary delays (+0.6mins/flt). The other main delay groupings did not see significant changes compared to the same period last year.

The average delay per delayed flight on departure (ADD) remained stable at 27 minutes per flight and the percentage of delayed flights (PDF) (>=5 minutes) on departure increased to 47.3% when compared to 41.4% during October 2017. The percentage of delayed flights on arrival also increased to 43% up from 36.3% in October 2017.

En-route ATFM delays increased mainly due to ATC capacity delays in Karlsruhe UAC as well as ATC staffing delays in Marseille ACC.  Seasonal weather impacted Barcelona ACC and London airports.