All-Causes Delay to Air Transport in Europe for June 2018

27 July 2018

The Central Office of Delay Analysis (CODA) gives policy makers and airspace users consistent and comprehensive information on Europe’s delay situation through the monthly All-Causes Delay to Air Transport in Europe report.

In June 2018, Airline-reported ATFM delays increased by 1.4 minutes to 3.8 minutes per flight. The main contribution to this change came in ATFM enroute delay, which doubled to 2.6 minutes per flight, mainly caused by ATC industrial actions in France and convective weather.

Industrial action held on the weekends at the Marseille ACC on 9-11, 16-18 and 23-25 June, as well as the Italian ATC industrial action of 8 June also caused disruption. The other major delay generator was adverse weather, especially en-route.

Thunderstorms affected large areas of North West Europe, especially in Karlsruhe and Maastricht UACs’ airspace between 6 and 11 June. Between 1 and 3 June, convective activity dominated the network, particularly in Germany, France and central Europe. Weather made for delays in Vienna, Karlsruhe, Maastricht, Prague and Brussels ACCs.

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The average delay per flight in June 2018 increased by 4 minutes to 17.5 minutes per flight. ATFM en-route delay doubled to 2.6 minutes per flight. The higher shares of enroute delay observed drove reactionary delay for airlines, this increasing to 8 minutes per flight in comparison to 6 minutes in June 2017.

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