Plan2Match is a next-generation online tool under development by EUROCONTROL. It will offer a one-stop-shop to help air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and national supervisory authorities (NSAs) in their performance planning and reporting activities.


Plan2Match will provide a simple, user-friendly and flexible digital environment. The tool will:

  • greatly simplify the Performance Scheme related processes (planning, monitoring , reporting),
  • save time and reduce the risk of manual human error,  
  • reduce pressure on ANSPs and NSAs facing resource shortages or lacking in expertise in this domain,
  • make it easier to track your performance plans, by allowing for quick and easy uploading of data and automatically generating your reports,
  • standardise communication between NSAs and ANSPs.


The tool is specifically designed to produce Performance Plans, using your business plan as a key input to define targets consistent with those in the wider ANSP community.

Its automated and standardised processes and reports will allow you to build up, monitor and report on your business and performance plans using a common platform. This will facilitate timely communication and collaboration with key actors as part of stakeholder consultations and various interfaces, without interfering with the current performance reporting cycle.

Plan2Match will also allow you to monitor the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs) and facilitate your compliance with the Performance Scheme. You can also utilise up-to-date performance planning and reporting templates.


Plan2Match is being developed to allow you to comply with national and international legal requirements. The tool will be fully aligned with applicable legislation and will remain compliant with other performance monitoring requirements as they emerge, in full conformity with regulatory frameworks.


The prototype will be made available to ANSPs and NSAs interested in being further involved in the tool's use and validation.


Access to Plan2Match will be free of charge. EUROCONTROL will provide both user support and tool maintenance.