The role of our unit is to support the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) community in planning, reporting and monitoring their ATM-related implementation.

This is mainly centred around Implementation Objectives, and these are defined in the implementation level of the European ATM Master Plan.

Once Implementation Objectives are defined (at a yearly pace), national plans for their implementation need to be defined, assigning responsibilities to the different stakeholders: air navigation service providers, regulatory authorities, the military, airports, airspace users, etc.

When all the stakeholders have compiled their information, our unit supports in collecting the data and ensures the production of the various national documents (LSSIP) and the European report (Master Plan Level 3 Progress Report). Thanks to those reports, the aviation community can identify the gap between what is needed at the European level and what can actually be done at the local and regional level to close that gap.

Our Unit helps by:

•    coordinating the contributions to the annual ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan;
•    facilitating the production of implementation progress reports (LSSIP documents) made by the national stakeholders;
•    producing consolidated reports at European level, such as the ATM Master Plan (MP) Level 3 Implementation Progress Report and the ICAO GANP/ASBU monitoring report for ICAO Paris and the U-Space Services Implementation Monitoring Report;
•    assisting decision-making by various steering bodies on any remedial action needed to implement the plans;
•    supporting both internal and external stakeholders in fulfilling their monitoring and reporting needs.

For further information, an awareness presentation about the ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Planning and Reporting activity is available in the Related links section.

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