Update on European Air Traffic situation - 18.30 CET

12 November 2010

EUROCONTROL expects 13,000 flights to take place today in European airspace. On a normal Tuesday, we would expect 28,000.

The new procedures agreed yesterday have been in place since 06.00UTC today. At the current time, in the upper airspace above 20,000 feet, all European airspace is available with the exception of Finland which is closed at all levels.

Almost 75% of the total continent area is free of any restrictions. This area includes: Austria, the Balkan area, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, southern France, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania, northern Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Air traffic control services are not being provided to civil aircraft in significant parts of the lower airspace primarily in north-western Europe, including Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden and the UK.

Air traffic control services are being provided albeit with very significant restrictions on the number of flights authorised, and/or the routes and flight procedures to be followed, in several parts of the lower airspace in north-western Europe, including Germany and northern France.

The latest updated map of observed and forecast areas of possible ash contamination is enclosed. The latest ‘Air Ash Concentration Chart’ describing those areas where no-fly zone proposals have been made to the EUROCONTROL Member States will be available from 20:00 CET in the ‘Network Headline News’ section of the site.

The next update will be sent out to the press around 12.30 CET on 21 April 2010.