Update on European Air Traffic situation - 12.00 CET

12 November 2010

As of 12.00 CET on 6 May 2010, EUROCONTROL has the following update to make with regard to the situation of air traffic in Europe:

There are currently no closures of airspace or airports within the European area and a normal 28,500 flights are expected today.

The predicted area where ash concentration areas could exceed engine manufacturer tolerance levels lies to the west / north-west of Ireland. In the night of 5 to 6 May, renewed and more intensive ash eruptions took place. As a result the area of potential higher contamination is forecast to extend from Iceland to 50 degrees north remaining 100 to 200 miles west of Ireland. There are areas of predicted ash up to 35000 feet while over the previous few days the maximum altitude had been 20000 feet. The latest ‘Air Ash Concentration Charts’ describing those areas where no-fly zone proposals have been made to the EUROCONTROL Member States are attached.

Significant rerouting of westbound transatlantic flights to avoid the higher contaminated area is currently being discussed between the air navigation service providers concerned and EUROCONTROL.

Yesterday there were 27,904 flights within the EUROCONTROL CFMU area. This is approximately 1,300 below the normal expected number. Industrial action in Greece resulted in a cancellation of approximately 900 departing, arriving and domestic flights in Greece. Over flights were not affected. There were approximately 400 cancellations in Scotland and Ireland due to volcanic ash restrictions.

Unless there is significant change to the current air traffic situation in Europe, we will not be issuing any further traffic updates.