Update on European Air Traffic situation - 10.00 CET

12 November 2010

As of 10.00 CET on 12 May 2010, EUROCONTROL has the following update to make with regard to the situation of air traffic in Europe:
Today EUROCONTROL expects normal amounts of traffic across Europe.

The areas of high ash concentration at high altitude which had caused major difficulties in recent days over the Atlantic and the Iberian Peninsula dispersed during the night.

Areas of high ash concentration at lower altitudes are still causing some difficulties for trans-Atlantic flights. They are also affecting Madeira and the Azores. Areas of high ash concentration at lower altitudes, which could result in airport closures, are currently found in the Mediterranean between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, and are moving north east. At the current time all airports are available, however with the Balearic Islands airports operating at reduced capacity.

According to the forecasts, the areas of higher ash concentration are expected to dissipate further during the day. The latest ‘Air Ash Concentration Charts’ describing those areas where no-fly zone proposals have been made to the EUROCONTROL Member States are attached.

On Tuesday 11 May, there were 27,807 flights within the EUROCONTROL CFMU area, which is approximately 500 below normal traffic levels.