Update on European Air Traffic situation - 10.00 CET

12 November 2010

As of 10.00 CET on 17 May 2010, EUROCONTROL has the following update to make with regard to the situation of air traffic in Europe:
Today EUROCONTROL expects 28,000 flights in Europe. This is approximately 1,000 less than on a normal day, and is due to the expected impact of the current closure of airspace in the south-east of the UK and in the Netherlands.

The areas of ash concentration are mainly at low levels. During the course of the day, the current cloud is expected to disperse somewhat. By 14.00CET, the cloud is expected to mainly affect Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and parts of south-west UK.

There may be some continuing disruption to flights in the greater London area. Delays will also be experienced by flights due to congestion in airspace adjacent to closed areas.

The latest ‘Air Ash Concentration Charts’ describing those areas where no-fly zone proposals have been made to the EUROCONTROL Member States are attached.

On Sunday 16 May, the disruptions in Ireland and north-west UK resulted in a reduction in expected number of flights by about 400. There were a total of 25,088 flights within the EUROCONTROL CFMU area.