Requests for B2B web services double over the past year

1 June 2015

The traffic of the Network Manager’s B2B web services has grown tremendously over the past nine months. This was also reflected in the huge increase of interactions between systems, which have recently reached over a million per day.

In fact, requests for these services have doubled over the past year, indicating clearly that NM’s stakeholders are rapidly adopting this online business model. It also reflects the ATM community’s growing use of internet technologies.

More than 200 organisations and an increasing number of small software companies are using the B2B Web Services. Software start-ups are comfortable with the opportunities offered by the internet’s “disruptive” technologies and recognise the value of EUROCONTROL’s NM data provided through open APIs (application programming interfaces/web services), over the public internet.

From filing a Flight Plan and checking airspace constraints up to implementing ATFCM measures, the NM B2B Web Services make NM data available to businesses and developers with the same ease of use as internet giants Google and Facebook do; offering access to data through just a few lines of code in a piece of software.

The B2B Web Services’ development is in line with the SESAR concepts and positions the SWIM Yellow Profile as a key technology enabler, fuelling ATM innovation in Europe.

For more information, contact the NM B2B Team.

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