Putting passengers first at ACI Europe

29 June 2012

On 21 and 22 June the Director General, David McMillan, took part in the 22nd ACI Europe General Assembly, hosted by Aena Aeropuertos in Madrid.

This was well attended by more than 350 industry leaders, including senior representatives from airports, airlines, air traffic management, national governments and the EU institutions.

The theme of the event was “Putting the passenger first – from infrastructure managers through to service providers”.

Collaborative Environmental Management

In this context, the Director General raised awareness on the environmental issues facing Europe today, such as emissions, noise and air quality, these are very high in the public’s mind and, as a result, they are real constraints for airports. 

That’s why EUROCONTROL has been working with airports and with ACI Europe’s Environmental Strategy Committee to develop and validate a new approach “Collaborative Environmental Management”, or CEM for short.  The CEM will be launched more formally at ACI Airport Exchange, in Amsterdam later this year.

EUROCONTROL has gone out to airports and found that everyone really can make a difference to noise and air quality by working together – the airlines, the airport operators and the air navigation service providers. This benefits everyone from the local environment to the people working and living near the airport and, by extension, the airport and its customers.

Airport CDM

The Director General also welcomed the support given by ACI Europe to another airport initiative, Airport CDM – a key enabler in connecting airports to the network which is gathering speed with the recent implementation at London Heathrow. Airport CDM not only brings benefits for the airport and its customers, it also helps the network. 

With Airport CDM there is a much better predictability of when aircraft will be in the air.  That means the system can be fine tuned to make sure that individual sectors aren’t overloaded.  It also means that the new, better information on the flight can be distributed to the destination airport – thus helping them as well.


He also took part in the 2012 Top Airports Awards ceremony, presenting the Manchester Airport with the Eco-Innovation Award, which is awarded by the independent Advisory Board of Airport Carbon Accreditation, in recognition of its passion for environmental innovation.

For more information on ACI Europe and on future ACI Europe events: http://www.aci-europe.org/

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