Our training line-up for 2019 is now available

2 July 2018

At EUROCONTROL’s Institute for Air Navigation Services (IANS), we offer over 100 classroom and 60 online courses in air traffic management tailored to help you and your staff improve your performance, skill level and knowledge base.

Our 2019 portfolio of courses is now available and registrations for next year are now open. We have introduced two new programmes on Safety management [SAF-PRG-SMS], which now covers ATM Software Safety assessment [SAF-CHG-SW], and Human factors practitioner [HUM-PRG-PP], with an all new Design and Assessment Using Human Centered Approaches course [HUM-DESIGN]. In addition, we offer new and improved courses on:

  • how Europe’s air traffic management systems works today [GEN-ATM-INTRO],
  • the proper interpretation of ATFCM messages for flow management positions and aircraft operators [NMO-ATFCM-MSG-E],
  • in-depth understanding of the Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) service and its requirements [APT-ASMGCS-DPL],
  • developing basic and advanced skills in navigation infrastructure assessment using DEMETER [NAV-DEM-INTRO / -ADV],
  • management of changes in ATM/ANS for industry partners [SAF-CHG-IND],
  • resilience and energy management for sustainable human performance [HUM-EM],
  • a refresher course on team resource management [HUM-TRM-R],
  • how to use the CHMI interface for airspace management (CIAM) [NMO-CIAM-HELP],
  • oversight of changes in ATM/ANS [LEX-CHG-OC],
  • ATSEP personnel training and competence assessment [LEX-COMP-ATSEP],

Browse through our 2019 brochure and start working on your training plans today!



At IANS, we are doing the utmost to provide the training services you need with a permanently evolving portfolio of courses. All trainings provided at our Institute meet new regulatory developments.

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