The Network Manager to hold first B2B Web Services Technical Forum

2 May 2014

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager provides its customers with a B2B interface for accessing services and sharing information. By giving access to both data and services via a system-to-system interface over the internet, customers can exploit and use the EUROCONTROL operational information in their own systems and according to their business needs.

The short-term goals of the NM B2B are to simplify the processes of stakeholders in accessing the information held by EUROCONTROL, and to improve the quality and accuracy of the data exchanged.

Further it supports the interoperability required in future ATM systems as an enabler for SWIM (System Wide Information Management) in SESAR.

This interoperability with EUROCONTROL’s partners is vital in order to ensure fast and efficient data sharing across the “ATM value chain” and more dynamic operations, as specified in the Network Operations Plan Programme, implementing SESAR objectives.

Following the announcement made at the Network Manager User Forum 2014, the Network Manager will hold the first B2B Web Services Technical Forum on 7-8 May 2014 in Brussels.

The objective of this technical forum is to accelerate the momentum on business-to-business (B2B) web services, helping the technical representatives of our stakeholders (i.e. ANSPs, CFSPs, aircraft operators, airport operators) become active agents in co-creating an effective SWIM network, based on web technologies.

The B2B Web Services Technical Forum will focus on technologies and on business services provided via these technologies. More specifically, it will highlight:

  • the technical aspects related to the NM B2B web service (including - but not limited to - its development, deployment, documentation, support and versioning)
  • the identification and assessment of opportunities for functional evolution, so giving input to the NM B2B development roadmap
  • the exchange and sharing of participants’ experiences.

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