Network handling record numbers of flights

17 July 2017

In June, there were nearly a million flights in the Network Manager’s area – covering EUROCONTROL’s 41 member states, Morocco and now Israel.  This record level is 5.1% above the corresponding figure for 2016.  The top contributors to this growth were Spain, the UK and Turkey.

On Friday, 30 June, there were 35,937 flights, over a thousand more than the top day in 2016. On average, an aircraft took off or entered EUROCONTROL’s area every 2.4 seconds during that day. 

The Network Operations Report for June provides a detailed analysis not only of traffic levels but also where and why delays occurred. Overall, en-route flow management delay fell when compared with June 2016, continuing a trend seen over the last eight months. The weather significantly affected flights this year, contributing to more than 30% of delays in the first six months of 2017.

Strong growth is forecast to continue over the summer, with over 10.5 million flights expected for the whole of 2017.

Average daily traffic for the last 5 years.

Learn more in the June Network Operations Report overview and full analysis, available for download below:


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