Interest in the European AIS Database (EAD) spikes

5 September 2017

The European AIS Database (EAD) has undergone a boost in popularity in recent months. Requests from EAD clients and data providers interested in migrating to the system have risen by over 25%. In addition, revenues from the database in 2016 grew twice as fast as expected. These two developments were discussed, noted and celebrated at the 25th meeting of the EAD Service Steering Group (SSG).

EAD has always focused on the needs of its customers. However, this may not be the only explanation for the increase in requests for migration to the system. Indeed, on 9th December 2016, EUROCONTROL has become the first pan-European Aeronautical Information Service Provider to be certified under the Single European Sky legislation regarding the provision of the European AIS Database (EAD). Recent significant improvements in the performance and stability of the EAD system are also responsible as is the obligation to comply with key European Union legislation in this area, the Aeronautical Data Quality Implementing Rule (EC) 73/2010 in particular. A major effort has been made in supporting our Member States with their compliance process.

EAD usage and connection status

In May 2017, there were 231 EAD service Data Users and more than 25,000 subscriptions to EAD Basic, a free online service. The map below shows the connection status of ECAC and non-ECAC States as of May 2017. This extra effort and dedication combined have prompted a growing number of requests for migration from all over the world:

  • ECAC States, such as DFS Germany, DSNA France, ENAV Italy, Austro Control Austria
  • ECAC Military Users, such as the Italian, Austrian and Portuguese Air Forces  
  • non-ECAC States: among others, negotiations are ongoing with Brazil, Israel, Morocco, states in the Middle East and South Africa.

EAD connection status of ECAC and non-ECAC States in May 2017.EAD connection status of ECAC and non-ECAC States – May 2017

To ensure that the migration process can be carried out with maximum efficiency, the EAD SSG requested the unit responsible for the maintenance of EAD (EAIM) to prioritise ECAC States.

New EAD SSG Chairman

At the 25th EAD SSG meeting, the Group elected Giulio Melilli as its new Chairman. Mr Melilli is the Head of the Aeronautical Data Management, Quality and Production Unit at ENAV (the Italian air navigation service provider); he joined the EAD SSG in 2010. For him, the evolution of AIS towards AIM and the evolution of EAD towards EAIMS are the two most important challenges to be addressed by the SSG.

Giulio Melilli and the SSG members were very pleased to note that EUROCONTROL had become the first pan-European Aeronautical Information Service Provider to be certified under Single European Sky legislation. In the name of all EAD SSG Members, Mr Melilli congratulated the EAIM unit on this notable achievement.


The EAD Service Steering Group (SSG) is a service- and business-oriented group which provides high-level guidance for the EAD. It consists of senior representatives from civil ANSPs and military organisations which supply the EAD with aeronautical information. The EAD SSG is supported by NMD’s EAIM unit.



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