French DSNA successfully moves to EAD NOTAM operation services

8 November 2018

Since 4 September 2018, the French DSNA has been using EUROCONTROL’s services relying on EAD, the European AIS database, for the submission of notices to airmen (NOTAMs) in English and French. With nearly 40,000 NOTAMs issued every year, the DSNA is the largest producer in Europe.

The DSNA has been a major stakeholder of EAD, the world’s largest aeronautical information system, since 2017. As such, it has been providing navigational data, making available its aeronautical information publications and acting as a data user for international NOTAM services (consulting and downloading data). This situation has now changed, with the French NOTAM Office becoming a NOTAM provider, thus maintaining and distributing its own aeronautical information. Moving over to using the EAD brings cost benefits for the DSNA, while ensuring that a high-quality, fully integrated, rigorous service is maintained.

In 2019, this service will be further extended to the Air Traffic Services Reporting Offices (AROs), which will make extensive use not only of the NOTAM services but also of the flight planning and briefing facilities offered by the EAD. By the end of 2019, all French aeronautical information management (AIM) actors are expected to be using EAD services and interfacing with them through a system-to-system connection based on web services. This represents a major achievement for the EAD.

It was in this connection that EUROCONTROL was invited on 27 September 2018 to take part in the 60-year celebration ceremony of the French AIM. On this occasion, Maurice Georges, Director of DSNA, formalised the DSNA’s involvement in the EAD and confirmed its trust in EUROCONTROL’s services with the signature of the amended EAD agreement.

The EAD is a single, centralised aeronautical data repository, offering a fully integrated aeronautical information service (AIS) system, which uses international standards and has rigorous data-quality checking procedures, including clearly defined validation and verification processes. It holds the worldwide operational dataset and is also the world’s biggest TAM – NOTAM & SNOWTAM – provider. It is used by 53 air navigation service providers, both within and outside Europe, and some 200 commercial clients globally and more than 20,000 subscribed EAD basic users.