The European team gears up for ICAO's 13th air navigation conference

27 September 2018

We are delighted to be hosting today the European partners’ Ad hoc EU/ECAC Coordination Group. The Group comprises representatives from the EU/ECAC States, EC, EASA, EDA, EUROCONTROL and the SJU, who are working together to prepare the European contribution to the forthcoming ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference (ICAO ANC-13), taking place from 9-19 October 2018, in Montreal.

This is a key meeting for the global aviation community as it will agree on a set of high-level recommendations in various key performance areas of the air navigation system including safety aspects. These will be submitted for approval to the ICAO Council for subsequent endorsement by the 40th Session of the Assembly in 2019.

We have been working in close cooperation with our European partners to prepare for this conference, coordinating inputs and proposals on a wide a variety of topics. More specifically, the EUROCONTROL team has contributed to a large number of papers on various subjects, including:

Total Airport Management DOWNLOAD
Total Airport Management and Throughput DOWNLOAD
Re-Categorisation Of Wake Vortex Separation Minima And TBS DOWNLOAD
Integrated CNS And Spectrum Strategy DOWNLOAD
Trajectory-Based Operations DOWNLOAD
Network Management DOWNLOAD
European Experience In Network Management DOWNLOAD
Civil-Military Cooperation DOWNLOAD
Strengthening Concepts For Cybersecurity In Aviation DOWNLOAD

The full list of papers which will be presented at the ICAO ANC is available at:


At the Conference, Europe will highlight the need for a modernised, digitalised, more automated and cyber secure air traffic management system with a more efficient and effective Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) in order to face current and future aviation challenges.

The mission of the European team will be to secure European interests and to ensure that global standards can be implemented in the European operational and technical environment.

You can also follow the ICAO livestream via their webIsite.




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