EUROCONTROL Network Manager: Serving the network better by strengthening coordination

16 May 2019

The first weekly live Summer Coordination Cell took place on Monday 13 May 2019 at EUROCONTROL's headquarters with more than 40 operational stakeholders connecting with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) via Webex or teleconference.

The Summer Coordination Cell with Network Operations Directors has been set up by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager to follow better summer operations, further strengthening our coordination process with air navigation service providers and aircraft operators.

The new weekly coordination will also facilitate a quick escalation process to the Network Management Board (NMB) and the Single Sky Committee (SSC) in case of repetitive or structural failures to implement.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • provide Network Operations Directors with an update of the performance of the network for the previous week, analyse and assess any recurring issues with the performance, and implement any capacity mitigation measures;
  • share possible remedial measures and discuss their implementation with them.

This initiative comes as part of the implementation of the NM 7 Action Plan for Summer 2019 to counter severe air traffic delays.

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