ENAIRE and DSNA meet with EUROCONTROL in Barcelona to consolidate their airspace management

7 February 2019

Maurice Georges and Ángel Luis Arias, the top officials, respectively, from DSNA and ENAIRE, the air navigation service providers in France and Spain, met today in Barcelona on ENAIRE's initiative to consolidate the agreement reached between ENAIRE and DSNA to improve the current interface on which the various air traffic flows between the Barcelona and Bordeaux air traffic control centres rely.

Eamonn Brennan, the Director General of EUROCONTROL, wanted to see the progress and support the important work that is being done by both providers to improve the efficiency of the interface between Spain and France, to the benefit of both countries and, by extension, of the entire network of European routes.

The high-level meeting, which was held in the ENAIRE Control Centre, is part of the initiatives promoted by EUROCONTROL in preparation for the 2019 summer season.

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