Emerging aviation superpower authorities visit EUROCONTROL

19 July 2018

In the context of the EU-China seminar on the development of green civil aviation (run by Airbus), 30 representatives from Chinese airports, airlines, the Air Traffic Management Bureau (Civil Aviation Authority of China), the Civil Aviation University of China, the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology as well as Airbus China visited the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC) in Brétigny-sur-Orge, near Paris, on 12 July. The Head of Delegation was Wang Ren, Deputy Director of the ECER (Energy, Conservation and Emission Reductions).

At that visit, the Chinese delegation toured the simulation and validation facilities and was given a series of presentations covering a variety of topics, including:

  • aviation challenges in Europe,
  • the EEC’s core activities, with emphasis on our solution-based approach and validation capabilities,
  • the role played by EUROCONTROL in SESAR 2020,
  • research concepts and deployment solutions.

The delegation was especially interested in the presentation of our environmental tools and, in particular, in IMPACT, EUROCONTROL’s online tool dedicated to multi-airport environmental impact assessments for noise, gaseous and particulate emissions, and local air quality.

They were equally interested in a demonstration of LORD (Leading Optimised Runway Delivery), which features a runway throughput enhancement solution. They also appreciated the Demand Capacity Balancing support tool and displays; this is research that the Experimental Centre is carrying out for the EUROCONTROL Network Manager.

Earlier in the month, on 6 July, a delegation from CSACO visited the Experimental Centre. In addition they visited the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s Operation Centre (NMOC) in Brussels on 13 July. They took a particular interest in learning more about the Military Liaison Officer function that is embedded in NMOC.

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