EASA and EUROCONTROL forge closer partnership on provision of means of compliance

4 June 2019

EASA and EUROCONTROL have agreed to cooperate more closely to provide EUROCONTROL technical standards to support implementation of EU regulatory requirements. EUROCONTROL has been providing standards in support of Single European Sky for many years but with the evolution of the EASA regulatory framework into airports and air traffic management including oversight, a closer relationship with EASA is essential.

EASA’s Chief Engineer, Pascal Medal, said, “This is a very welcome development, which builds on our common work programme.  EUROCONTROL’s technical standards greatly ease our ability to provide the necessary acceptable means of compliance and guidance material on time”.

EUROCONTROL Director, Philippe Merlo explained, “It is a most welcome move by EASA and we are already making good progress: for example on Regulation 2017/373, notably Part AIS, where we are able to adapt technical standards published for the previous SES ADQ regulation thus providing continuity in means of compliance and guidance to Aeronautical Information providers.” 

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