Cooperating with the European Commission to improve ATM performance

15 June 2018

EUROCONTROL’s Philippe Merlo, Director European Civil-Military Aviation, and the European Commission’s Filip Cornelis, Director for Aviation, DG MOVE, yesterday signed an initial Work Programme detailing how the Agency will co-operate with the EC in the area of the Single European Sky’s Performance and Charging Schemes, drawing on EUROCONTROL’s unparalleled technical expertise and resources in the field of performance and charging, and maximising synergies and complementarities.

“This work programme implements the co-operation agreement, which was agreed with the EC already late last year”, commented Mr Merlo.

“It is an important step forward in the co-operation between the EC and EUROCONTROL on matters, which are in the interest of both our organisations”, emphasised Mr Cornelis.

This new Work Programme and associated Work Plan implements the longer-term cooperation in the areas of performance and charging, agreed by exchange of letters on 13 October 2017 between EUROCONTROL and the European Commission, complementing the four-year service contract, which was signed on the same day. Challenges in the Work Programme for EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Unit include:

  • conducting annual technical assessments of the compliance of unit rates, including reporting on costs exempt from cost-sharing;
  • working on the US-Europe performance comparisons in co-operation with the FAA;
  • performing ad-hoc analyses in support to the areas of performance and charging that require the specific expertise and competences of EUROCONTROL upon request of the Commission;
  • promoting global and regional performance measurement within ICAO;
  • providing expert advice in the development of EU-wide targets for RP3 to the Commission and the SES Performance Review Body; and
  • seconding experts to the European Commission’s DG MOVE to support working on performance and charging.

The Work Programme and associated Work Plan will be reviewed and amended on a regular basis.

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