Consulting stakeholders on the draft Performance Review Report (PRR) 2018

26 March 2019

The Performance Review Report (PRR), produced by EUROCONTROL’s independent Performance Review Commission, is a valuable tool for stakeholders across the aviation industry. It provides an assessment of European Air Traffic Management performance in all EUROCONTROL’s 41 Member States, covering the key performance areas of Safety, Capacity, Environment and Cost-Efficiency.

This helps all the stakeholders, particularly the Air Navigation Service Providers, focus their attention on where performance gains are needed and achievable, something that is vital at a time when traffic is rising and several areas of the network are encountering capacity shortages.

A key element in the process of producing the PRR is to consult with stakeholders, in order to ensure that the report is accurate and understandable and also to ensure full transparency. The draft report, which is now available for comments, highlights the dramatic increase in en-route air traffic flow management delays in 2018; these more than doubled to reach 19 million minutes (for 11 million flights). With traffic growing, shortcomings in proactive capacity planning and deployment are becoming more and more apparent.

A new feature included in this year’s report is the consideration of the shortest constraint route in the horizontal flight efficiency computations.

Stakeholders are invited to send their comments to no later than 12 April 2019. It is expected that the final report will be published in June.


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