EUROCONTROL’s Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) Specification shortlisted for an IHS Jane’s ATC Award

9 March 2015

Madrid, Spain – EUROCONTROL’s  Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) Specification, supported by ACI EUROPE, has been shortlisted for an IHS Jane’s ATC Award in the Environment category.

The CEM Specification, published in September 2014, sets out a unique collaborative approach to managing environmental issues at airports. Airports are already putting considerable effort into mitigating the environmental impact of their daily operations and the CEM Specification supports and facilitates their efforts. It formalises collaboration between the core operational stakeholders at airports by setting out the generic high-level requirements and recommended practices needed to establish CEM working arrangements.

The CEM Specification describes a collaborative process through which core operational stakeholders can increase their awareness and understanding of the interdependencies and constraints of each other’s businesses. In turn, this can facilitate the development of shared environmental solutions, on which they will then collaborate through joint planning and implementation.

In practical terms, CEM is based on the formalisation of local working arrangements between the airport operator, aircraft operators and the air navigation service provider with a view to jointly addressing key environmental risks, in particular those for which a coordinated response is required. Trade-offs between different environmental and operational objectives can be identified and this helps all parties to overcome the challenges they face, making informed decisions together.

In addition, CEM working arrangements facilitate a robust and transparent dialogue that benefits relations with, for example, national regulators, local and regional authorities and land-use planning authorities. Importantly, it can foster engagement with local communities - including residents’ associations - and local businesses.

EUROCONTROL’s specifications are drafted and approved through a public consultation process that enables transparent and robust feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.  This CEM Specification is unique in that, rather than setting out the usual technical specifications, it articulates a process to be followed.

EUROCONTROL and ACI EUROPE officially launched the CEM Specification at the ACI AIRPORT Exchange in November 2014. On the same occasion, ACI EUROPE endorsed the CEM Specification as one of its Recommended Practices.

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