Celebrating diversity and inclusion on International Women’s Day

8 March 2019

At EUROCONTROL we have set ourselves an ambitious goal to lead our sector in terms of gender balance, diversity and inclusion. We’re pushing to make aviation careers attractive to women, and for International Women’s Day 2019, we invited women working at the Agency to talk about their jobs in our #MeetThe22% video, and persuade a new generation of women to start on a career in aviation.

Since signing the European Commission’s Declaration on equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector last year, we have embarked with our partners on a diversity and inclusion journey. We are well aware that like the European transport sector as a whole, where women comprise only 22% of the workforce, we have at EUROCONTROL key imbalances with regard to gender, particularly at technical, managerial and decision-making levels. We’re aiming to reverse that trend by changing attitudes, and by concrete actions – and today we published internally our very first Diversity & Inclusion policy which sets out our aims for the future.

The Policy explains how we are putting considerable focus on increasing the numbers of applications from women through our new new Jobs portal, recruitment campaigns and social media promotions. We are tackling balance internally by improving the gender balance on selection panels and representation on Agency bodies and committees. We are working with our partners to benchmark against organisations in our sector and share best practices, like this week at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, when the Agency will be sharing the platform with the European Commission and the SESAR Deployment Manager to talk about how we can improve diversity and inclusion in European aviation. And we are mobilising many internal actors to raise awareness, model behaviours, and champion diversity and inclusion in decision-making. We aim to build a future workplace that is as diverse and inclusive as possible, one in which our staff feel heard, valued, respected and included, irrespective of gender as well as race, age, disability, religion and sexual orientation.

Watch our video to learn more