Call for candidates for the Performance Review Commission (PRC)

11 September 2018

The Director General of EUROCONTROL invites applications from nationals of EUROCONTROL Member States to join the Performance Review Commission (PRC).

Established in 1998, the PRC provides independent advice including recommendations on European Air Traffic Management Performance to the EUROCONTROL States.

There are up to four (4) PRC vacancies to be filled. Preference will be given to candidates with extensive and high-level experience in the profiles of: Economics, Safety, ANSP/Management and/or Airlines. In addition, civil/military aviation expertise would be a definite asset.

The PRC meets 5 times a year. In addition, the PRC holds a number of ad hoc meetings throughout the year. Candidates must be willing to devote the necessary time to preparing for and attending PRC meetings. Travel expenses will be refunded and there is a daily allowance paid to cover meals etc. in addition, PRC Members may also be eligible for payment in specific cases.


To apply, please send:

  1. Your curriculum vitae, which should give your current (or previous if retired) work title and information of your experience in your chosen profile, including civil/military aviation experience if any.
  2. A completed written undertaking (click on the download button below) stating that, if appointed to the PRC, you will act independently and will abide by the provisions of the PRC Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure.

Download statement

Completed applications should be sent to Ms Katia Camarena, Secretary to the Provisional Council by Wednesday 31 October 2018. Nominations received after that date will not be considered.

Contact PC Secretariat

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