Better than ever together: the new Network Manager Interactive Reporting (NMIR) and ATFM statistics dashboards

27 April 2018

Two important tools in the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s toolbox received an update and are now available to users.

The ATFM statistics reports and NM Interactive Reporting (NMIR) have been transformed into dashboards, benefitting from new business intelligence technology. This migration is part of our effort to rationalise the way we provide regular, timely and accurate reports to the ATM community. We now display performance statistics and operational data in a more dynamic and adaptable layout.

The update simplifies the way we process data and allows us to deliver reports on the overall performance of the European air traffic management (ATM) network more quickly. Users will also benefit from a common layout, making the transition between the two dashboards easier to comprehend.

The updated ATFM statistics dashboard provides all current and future NM reports for the reporting and monitoring function in one convenient place. This puts an end to the Excel and PDF-based reports on the ATFCM statistics website. Past data have been migrated, too, and can be found on the dashboard.

Applying the same layout to the NMIR dashboard makes switching to a more detailed view of the operational data and reports a breeze.

As part of this migration process, the former NMIR tool will no longer be updated as of 2 May 2018.

For user guidance on the transition, please follow the links below:

NMIR dashboard   ATFM statistics dashboard.

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